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Your email box is flooded with them: lies, rumors, and misrepresentations about President Barack Hussein Obama, sent by the Limbaugh-loving, flag-waving, church-going radical conservatives who have dedicated themselves to thwarting this historic moment!

When you get the latest emailed innuendo, you could check it out at Snopes...or save time by coming right here, to ObamaMythBusters, where we tirelessly collect and debunk the most current and harmful myths about the first "Not-Entirely-Black-But-Blacker-Than-Bill-Clinton" President of the United States: Barack Hussein Obama!


MYTH #1: Barack Hussein Obama, born into a Muslim family and sent to Muslim schools, is still actually Muslim.

While it is true that Obama was born into a Muslim family, and that most of his family is still Muslim (including a few violence-prone cousins), Barack says he "found Jesus" under the guidance of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a pastor whom Obama swears has been no spiritual influence whatsoever.


MYTH #2: Barack Hussein Obama is a transvestite, and has been photographed wearing women's dresses.

There's certainly nothing wrong with being a transvestite, but those aren't women's dresses. Obama is actually wearing beautiful and spiritually significant ceremonial robes of the type worn by Muslims. Not that he is one.


MYTH #3: Barack Hussein Obama's half-brother George lives in Kenya in a miserable patchwork 6' x 9' shack with dirt floors and no indoor plumbing, struggling to get by on less than $10 a year while receiving not a cent from Barack (who has an annual household income of $5 million).

MYTH BUSTED: The miserable shack is actually 6' x 10'.


MYTH #4: Barack Hussein Obama's Kenyan Grandmother, Sarah, also lives in abject poverty, and her wealthy grandson hasn't given her anything either.

MYTH BUSTED: Barack recently sent her an autographed campaign poster.


MYTH #5: Barack Hussein Obama's biological father, already married in Kenya, impregnated Barack's mother when she was a teenager then deserted the family. He returned to Kenya and married several more times (without getting divorced), fathered at least 8 known children, was a violent alcoholic, and was arrested repeatedly for injuring others while driving drunk. He was finally killed in a drunk driving accident when his foot got stuck on the accelerator.

MYTH BUSTED: At the time of his drunken driving death, Barack Hussein Obama's father had already lost both legs from previous accidents. Therefore, the cause of the final, fatal accident had nothing to do with his foot, but probably involved one of his stumps.


MYTH #6: In his memoir "The Audacity of Hope,"  when a white basketball teammate empathized that "it must be tough for you at school parties... being the only black guys and all," rather than being pleased at establishing genuine understanding and dialogue, Obama felt an overpowering desire to "punch him."  In the same book, Obama says of his antipathy toward white people,"Any distinction between good and bad whites held negligible meaning."

MYTH BUSTED: Neither of these quotes is from "The Audacity of Hope." They are from Obama's earlier memoir, "Dreams From My Father."


MYTH #7: Barack Hussein Obama sent $14 million in government contracts to a crooked real estate dealer who had generously (and quietly) paid for half of Obama's luxury estate. 

MYTH BUSTED: If you look at it another way, half of the estate was not paid for by a crooked real estate dealer.


MYTH #8: Rather than make actual decisions which could be held against him politically in the future, Obama has simply voted "present" on hundreds of important issues.

MYTH BUSTED: Obama couldn't make those decisions because he didn't have a coin to flip. To avoid ever finding himself without a coin in the future, he is constantly asking for "Change."


MYTH #9: One of Barack Obama's friends and political allies in Chicago is William Ayers, an unrepentant former terrorist who set bombs on American soil, causing massive property damage and death, and who was quoted on 9/11 as believing his attacks "didn't do enough."

MYTH BUSTED: Obama denies that Ayers is really a "friend," and says that he's just a neighbor from whom he can borrow tools, as "Bill seems to have almost everything in his workshop."


MYTH #10: Barack's wife, Michelle Obama, has called America a "mean" country, discouraged college students from pursuing careers in business and, despite having received a posh college education and a preposterously high-paying PR job, says that her husband's political success has made her proud to be an American "for the first time in my adult life."

MYTH BUSTED: Actually, Barack's political success made Michelle proud for the second time in her adult life. The first time was when she discovered that American technology created chemical hair relaxer, laser hair removal, and cosmetic surgery.


That a Black Man Can't Be Elected
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